Most women are waiting for the summer to achieve a beautiful tan, but as the year ends, and the sun is getting weaker, it’s very difficult to maintain the color. But that does not mean that it is not possible, and we bring you several tricks to help you succeed.


Most common mistakes in the sun and this must be done before exposure to the summer sun!

• Do not bother with protective creams when laying in the shadows of the umbrellas or trees. Keep in mind that the sun’s rays reach you and in the shade and are equally harmful.

• You will not apply protective creams when your skin is tilted. The sun affects the premature aging of the skin and when there is no longer a risk of burns from the judge because the skin is darkened. Namely, the process of premature aging is not only due to burns, but also due to excessive exposure to strong sun without appropriate protection. Therefore, it is very important that, regardless of the color of the road, apply a protective cream at every sunrise.

• Do not use protective products when cloudy. Do not forget that UV rays pass through the clouds. So, it does not matter that the day is not sunny: use morning cream before applying, you must apply on the skin, especially on the face of the face, a cream with a protective factor.


INormal Skin: The best solution for deep cleansing is peeling. He will gently remove the impurities and remove the dead skin cells and in doing so will trigger circulation. However, do not overdo it with facial massage and make sure that this process lasts no more than two minutes. You can also peel over the lips with which you will also remove the dull surface layer of gentle skin, but do not forget that you should not put peeling on the skin around your eyes which due to its composition and fineness do not suffer such rough treatment.t’s enough to dedicate your skin for 15 minutes each day and it will return to you with a healthy glow and a youthful look.Sensitive Skin: If your face does not suffer from micro-particles in peeling, the best way to remove impurities is micellar water. It is designed to clean the face, it is mild enough to be used for removing makeup with eyes, and not to bother those who have sensitive skin. What is a positive side is that it does not have to wash off the face, it is also a facial cleanser, removal of makeup and tonic.

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In India, as the best exfoliation, and even as a cleansing agent (instead of soap that can often irritate the skin), traditionally uses a mixture of one tablespoon of salty flour, two prunes of turmeric and two teaspoons of milk. Apply it on wet skin, let it stand for about ten minutes, then remove with circular movements and rinse with lukewarm water. Sweet flour removes dead cells and excess fat, and at the same time prevents the turmeric from leaving stains on the skin.

Milk contains lactic acid that improves skin structure by removing dead cells, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Thus, for example, in India, future bride-day men and women face this mixture in order to be more beautiful on the day of the most important event in life.

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Prevent liver failure: 3 boosting strains and detoxes of an important organ!

Everything you enter into the body through food, inhalation or through the skin passes through the liver. Oily, roasted, fried foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, drugs and polluted air are counted among the biggest enemies of this vital organEverything you enter into the body through food, inhalation or through the skin passes through the liver. Oily, roasted, fried foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, medicines and contaminated air are among the greatest enemies of this vital organ. By their toxic action they damage the liver and impair its functionality, and ultimately negatively affect the overall health.